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about us

Pillar Logistics Ltd was incorporated in 2008 and is a registered pharmaceutical company in Uganda with affiliate partner Hospitals and pharmacies in the five East African countries. We boost of vast experience of 14 years in planning, design, implementation and management of human medicine supply chains (in the Less Developed Countries) ranging from oncology , cardiovascular, Arv’s, vaccines and anti-sera, anti-malarials, diabetes, anti-bacterials, vitamins and minerals, gastro-intestinal, anti-histimine etc.

We boast of a team of highly specialized and experienced staff including Oncology pharmacists, Infectious disease pharmacists, medical doctors and logistics personnel.

We have worked with multidisciplinary teams of researchers, academics, policy makers, business and global health leaders in a diverse array of global health endeavors.  During this time, we have built up an extensive network of clients and goodwill with our list of clients ranging from the government of Uganda {Ministry of Health}, Non Governmental Organizations and several USAID funded projects among others.

We represent many international manufacturers including DemeTech [USA], Primax [German], Sens Pharma [Turkey] and Pharmamango Pharmceuticals [Turkey] and General Medical Sundries.